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Concrete Scanning

Echo GPR Services has been scanning for over 18 years locating rebar, PT and pre-stressed cables, conduits and deterioration in concrete structures.

Engineers, plumbers, electricians and especially concrete cutters use Echo GPR Services to scan before any concrete cutting or drilling occurs.  Construction trades have come to rely upon the professionalism, accuracy and reliability provided by Echo GPR Services.

Scanning Concrete:

  • Provides an added level of safety for Construction Personnel
  • Saves you money.  No cut cables and conduits
  • Saves you time.  Avoiding rebar and steel speeds up cutting
  • Maintain Structural strength of concrete

Accuracy of GPR and Proper markings:

  • Able to image objects up to 24” deep (subject to target density)
  • Embedded structures marked out are within ⅛” accuracy
  • Industry Certified operators are available on all projects
  • All Echo GPR Technicians comply with the industry standard of marking out embedded targets. View PDF here.