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Ground penetrating radar is essential in many industries.


Ground penetrating radar is essential in many industries.


GPR has been essential in the healthcare construction industry. Avoiding the use of x-ray in hospitals has allowed for the safe remodeling of all of Kansas City's metro and surrounding hospitals. Core drilling and slab sawing operations are being performed without the inconvenience of cut conduits or tension cables.


With the reputation of being a leader in Ground Penetrating Radar, our services have been required at government facilities across the United States. We have performed GPR services ranging from utility and conduit locates to Underground Storage Tank at abandoned Minuteman Missile silos.


Echo GPR Services performs utility locates inside industrial and manufacturing plants during remodels and plant expansion projects. Other services include determining concrete and subbase thickness analysis to assist in the installation of newer, heavier equipment.


Echo GPR Services leads the industry in ground penetrating radar expertise and experience. Offering a wide range of services we have performed.

  • Rebar and Conduit Locates
  • Utility Locates
  • Water Leaks
  • Void Analysis
  • Concrete/Depth-of-Cover Thickness
  • Underground Storage Tank Locates
  • Void Locates


Our services in transportation have aided Engineers and local DOT's.


Locating interior utilities is a crucial step in ensuring that small timeframe summer remodels are completed on time. Performing locates at most of the local school districts has assisted contractors in preventing unneccesary damage to existing utilities underground.


Echo GPR Services is dedicated to providing exceptional GPR services to our commercial clients. The need for locating rabar, PT cables or conduits is essential to any remodel process when working in world headquarters or small strip malls.


Our entry into our newest market has allowed us to expand our operations to include Electromagnetics. Electromagnetics can assist in measuring and mapping soil salinity to effectively focus efforts in managing salinity issues.


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