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Menorah Medical Center


Our customer was required to install new plumbing lines in a remodel of a local area KC Hospital.  The contractor and subcontractor did not know if there was electrical under the slab but wanted to be safe and cautious.  We were working in sections adjacent to active hospital operations and could not interfere with services. Echo GPR Services was contacted to map out all of the electrical conduits prior to saw cutting the floor.  After we located the electrical conduits we also asked how they were connecting the new sewer to the existing sewers. They did not know as they had yet to camera and map out the plumbing. Using a different GPR antenna, Echo mapped out the below grade sewer and provided the contractors depths to the targets. Because of our accuracy we were called out a second time to map out conduits prior to saw cutting (trench layout on 2nd callout is in yellow). Again, using some of the GPR information provided we were able to have the contractor reroute the saw cuts to entirely avoid some conduits and avoid cutting them.  Scanning markouts were in accordance with CSDA BP-017 and made the layout easy for the saw cutting contractor to avoid cutting any conduits.